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  1. Shit; That’s nothing.
    I fucked 60 guys in 2 nights.
    That was one hell of a mandingo party.
    Did you know I can swallow 22 loads without gagging?

  2. And girls like “anonymous” wonder why guys have no respect for skanks. Listen up anonymous and all you other girls. People will treat you the way you allow them to. Feeling disrespected? Hold yourself to a higher standard.

    1. Your standards as a deplorable misogynist are sooo much higher, righ, underpantst? Like straight from the middle ages. Lol.

  3. I guess it is “empowering” for women to contract their own STDs and bog down the healthcare system with the constant medical servicing of their vaginas.
    This chick probably has about 2-3 years before alcohol starts slowing her down and drying her out and then she has her first bump of coke and then full blown methwhore in the span of five months.
    My advice is to try and be more interesting than “a hole to stick a dick in.” Plenty of those in the world. If you had interests you would be meeting someone and not on a nasty ass dateraping website.
    Good Day…

    1. Shut up peter puffer. Why is it you pathetic millenials think that anyone who has sex has stds? Stds are actually very rare. Youre just trying to scare people away from having sex cause you cant get any. Grow up, get off the internet, and go socialize. Maybe youll find a fat whore that will get you off someday.

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