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    1. Clearly, you’ve never been outside your trailer home, let alone Europe. Do you ever wonder why only people from the third world want to move to that shithole you live in, called ‘murica?

    2. @ Chris… have YOU ever seen Europe and the third world trash that is living there? Have you seen what washes up on European shores on a daily basis? Do yourself a favor and stop embarrassing yourself. That “first rate” European education is doing you no favors.

    3. You’re a dense motherfucker aren’t you? If you had actually been to Europe you wouldn’t be regurgitating the nonsense you inhale off right-wing media outlets, like a gullible little idiot, about it been awash with “trash”. Europe is about as far away from your right-wing fantasy description as it’s possible to be, and if you ever do go there, you will feel like a fool. Like Chris said, clearly, from your ignorant comment, you have never been to Europe. The irony, of course, is that you suggest that he is the one who is embarrassing himself.

    4. Ha, having lived in four western countries (seven years in the US), I know EXACTLY why only people from the 3rd world want to move to the US, or, in other words, why no-one from the rest of the western world wants to move there. One thing’s for sure, after having lived there, the idea that America is “the greatest country on earth” seems such an absurd thing to claim.

    5. LMAO!!!! Look at the anger from the eurotrash. Their second rate continent is flooded with all the garbage of middle to North Africa, and they don’t like being called out on it. Keep telling yourself until you’re blue in the face that no one comes to the United States. Anyone from your unimportant little piece of dirt comes here to make REAL money and to be successful, with VERY few exceptions. But yeah, keep stomping your feet. And keep typing from your American computer, while you check your American phone, while you wear your American clothes, and generally wish you were American.

    6. We didn’t say nobody comes to the US you attention-span-deficit. Just look at your big cities and tell us where here in Europe does a shooting takes place every other day. Then I’ll admit that our cities are as shitty as yours. Until then, STFU.

    7. What is wrong with you? You are completely delusional. Try and use your, ignorant tiny mind, for a second. Now, try and follow the bouncing ball; The ONLY media outlets that claim that Europe is being invaded by “garbage” from Africa, are right-wing lunatic outlets who peddle lies to gullible clowns, like you, designed to appeal to your inner douchebag (Infowars, Breitbart, Drudge et al). You want to believe it so bad, that you stick your fingers in your ears no matter how many people from Europe or people that have been there, tell you it’s false and no matter how many times this invasion lie is demonstrably proven to be false. Please find a SINGLE article from a credible, non right-wing crazy media outlet that supports your fantasy.

      Also, I hate to break into your other fantasy about immigration to the US, but, surprise, surprise, you are dead wrong there, too. Almost no-one from the rest of the Western world wants to move to America, as stated. In 2015, of the 1.1 million people that that emigrated to the USA, only 85,000 were from other Western countries. Of those 85,000, over 58% moved because they have American relatives there, or for a job that is not permanent in nature. Unlike the “news” organisations that pander to you, statistics don’t lie. Once again, bozo, why do you think only people from the third world want to move to the US? I’ll give you a clue…it’s because of the things America DOES lead the rest of the Western world in;

      • Biggest gap between rich and poor
      • Fastest growing gap between rich and poor
      • Highest rates of obesity
      • Shortest life span (in the OECD!)
      • Highest rates of poverty
      • Least healthy population across all chronic illness categories.
      • Worst performance in math and reading across almost all school grades
      • Highest number of gun deaths per capita (by far)
      • Highest number of police shootings
      • Least amount of access across a population to healthcare
      • Most expensive healthcare by procedure (in the world!). 60-80% more on average
      • The most incarcerated population (in the entire world More than Iran, North Korea and China combined!)
      • Highest chance of dying by homicide
      • Lowest voter participation in general elections
      • Fastest declining access to political institutions (since Citizens United, apparently)
      • Least amount of people, per capita, that has travelled outside the country
      • lowest rates of paid leave in the OECD
      • Lowest rates of paid maternity leave
      • Highest cost of College education (weighted by average income)
      • Highest rate of college debt per individual

      The list goes on. Frankly, I don’t understand why anyone at all from the rest of the western world would want to move here. The beer is really good, mind you.

      By the way, although a lot of those things you mentioned might be owned by American companies, NONE of them are actually made there, are they? You’re such a predictable stereotype, you’ll be ranting on about how America saved Europe in the war, next.

  1. This was the most stupid, fakest video ive ever seen. He obviously didnt even try to hold the rope when he jumped. And why did everyone run away from him instead of run to him and see if hes ok? This video is for the gays.

    1. Is this your first time Trolling? Perhaps you’re having a hard time thinking while an older man has you strapped down from behind while you type?

  2. how the FUCK does that even happen? He’s holding the damn rope, then when countdown to Zero he lets go and jumps for it,…….braindead fool.. enjoy the hospital and the bill

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