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    1. “Ignant” — from the African “Canyn’t spelt” signifying a distinct absence of applied academics or the ability to reason beyond the IQ of a primate.

    2. I do believe he was trying to be colloquial in his descriptive prose as to be more readily understood by his quarry, with maybe an attempt to attract some lesser targets to maximise results and give satisfaction to his efforts.

    1. A white guy was tying him up so he was clearly a racist for tying up a black guy who was only trying to get well deserved restitution for years of slavery.

  1. Only way to make this better would be to hang the scaffolding 20some feet in the air once they have him good n’ secure. There’s no honor in thieves…only honor in punishing them.

  2. This is retarded. They already got him. Why go through all the extra effort? Oh so they can post it on the internet. Are these grown ass men working construction or teenage girls habing a spat? Either way theyre bitches. Id beat all their asses.

  3. I’m glad they did what they did, but the way the justice system works these days, the construction workers are likely to get charged with kidnapping. Fucked up, isn’t it?

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