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    1. YOU just commented on this site. You comment on this site more than anyone. And by virtue and ironic reciprocity, I totally agree with you. Hope you understood THAT.

    2. Oh wow, sitting there with a thesaurus makes you sound so clever. Of course, as a full-blown retard, it never dawned on you that you have now impugned yourself with your witless little tirade. A thesaurus may make you feel like a winner, but it doesn’t make you any less illiterate. Your use of the word “virtue” makes no sense in your mangled sentence and “reciprocity” is redundant, as irony is always reciprocal. It’s like saying you got a puncture and need to change your tire that goes round and round.

      Like I said, just as literacy is an uphill battle, even when you try your very best to sound clever, the difference between alumni and alumnus will be lost on ingrates, like you.

  1. Damn, if he had cut through all that rebar, it would have worked. That would have been epic. I give hip props for trying it.

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