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  1. Hm, strange that n!gger buck didn’t make the jump. Chimps are rather agile and strong and calculate distance well before they jump. Maybe it lost its mother when it was young and had nobody to teach it the proper technique. Ah but no, this is an urban chimp so it is likely the father that was supposed to teach it and since porch monkeys rarely see or know their pappies, this one too learns through trial and error like all of its predecessors have for millions of years without so much as a smidgen of mobility up the evolutionary ladder. Poor little purple-gummed spook probably hurt itself. Oh well, time for ice cream.

    1. Ah, here we see the deplorable scum in it’s native habitat, lurking in the comments section, waiting to make racist comments, pouncing the moment they detect a post featuring a non-white person. Mostly anti-social, except when aroused by the presence of burning tiki torches, the deplorable will work itself into a rage after intoxicating itself on a diet of false claims and horseshit left for them to feed on, by their social masters, Fox News and infowars. Too poor and stupid for college education, the deplorable lives out it’s life in ignorance, in the backwaters of fly-over country, seething at the perceived injustices against white people. Like pandas, deplorables are notoriously difficult to breed, except within the family troop. This unfortunate predilection for incest has led to a number of genetic abnormalities such as low IQ, 1940s German hairstyles and a strange compulsion to vote for despicable, incompetent narcissists who have spent their entire lives avoiding exactly the class of people the deplorable represents.

    2. Anonymous v. Anonymous. No. 2 lost. That was sad. That was a borderline cry for help. It’s as if you took everything in you and misappropriated it to Anon 1. Nonetheless both comments are stupid. Still, No. 2: you went No. 2 all over yourself. If you can’t master trolling, just keep it to yourself. Ugh. I feel embarrassed for you by proxy.

    3. Well, as a deplorable, of course you would say that, wouldn’t you, dickhead? Of course you are going to stick up for clown-boy. lol.

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