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    1. Those pussies who can’t get America out of their mouthes, yet don’t have the balls to mention what puny, insignificant and unimportant nation they’re from make everyone else laugh.

    2. “Mouthes”? Makes sense. That level of effective writing pretty much encompasses 90% of the the “exceptional” ‘muricans who travel the world through the Travel Channel. How about Monaco, does that qualify as better? What about Geneva, Switzerland (9 years), is that a bet? How’s this – China! Yes, China. Japan as well. Singapore. St. Croix. Moscow (not all of Russia, just Moscow). Australia. New Zealand. Oh why bother! You’ll just refer to the shit you “KNOW” ))))) about those places from “muh TV set sed it ain’t so”. Well there you go. Plenty among many countries where intelligent and successful people go after they turned off their Uncle Sam TV sets, picked up a history book, stopped paying taxes that feed the lazy and stupid, and decided to live for a living instead of eat burgers and fart. Stupidity is its own punishment.

    3. Another idiotic European whose inferiority complex is so massive, it can be seen from outer space. Unfortunately, your rambling and incoherent diatribe is about as off the mark as one can be. You seem quite defensive. I suppose I would as well if I had nothing better to do than attempt to speak ill of an entire country, while at the same time WORSHIPPING everything that country does. As you sit there wearing your American clothes, watching American movies, listening to American music, while using your American computer and smartphone, you and yours continue to make the United States the financial powerhouse it will always be while your insignificant pile of dirt is left in America’s wake. I’ll be glad to compare overall economies, GDP, salaries, and any other aspect of life between America and wherever European country you’re from. But, you won’t do that, will you? No, I didn’t think so. More of that European “pride” and “courage”.

  1. Old people shouldnt be allowed in society. One you hit 65 you should be either locked away in a retirement home or euthanized.

    1. Wow, you’re tough. All you do is bash women and now the elderly. What a proud little queen you are. Everyone knows that in person, you’re as meek and mild mannered as a newborn kitten. Because you’d get rocked in your face as soon as you opened your girly little mouth. You’re scared, like a little bunny. That’s what I’ll call you from now on… Bunny.

    2. Well then Nice Pants, I certainly do hope that if you still have parents who care for you (clearly they fled once you were evacuated from their loins) that when they’re 65 you walk the walk and do the do. Lock those fuckers up or kill them for having you! We concur.

      Beta Anonymous — making fun of women is not okay. Making fun of women who pretend they’re equal to men is not only okay, it’s MANdatory!

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