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  1. Guessing he was trying to pick up a cell phone he couldn’t pay for? Regardless after spraying him should have kicked his teeth in

  2. It’s pepper spray. Nobody uses Mace anymore—pepper spray is superior in every way (works on heavily intoxicated people, unlike Mace, non-toxic unlike Mace). Just saying, because some people think pepper spray is poor man’s Mace, but really it replaced Mace because it works better.

    1. @Anarchy I am not sure if your single mother should have beaten you more or less. Ah who am I kidding, you are an asshole because you are unhappy with your own life. That bitch and her substance abuse issues can’t harm you anymore, so stop lashing out and make this the first day of making yourself happy. Maybe go get an order of tots from Sonic or something lmao. Fucking douche.

    2. Codehead is probably like a Rainman. Not his fault he spews all that info. I found it informative nonetheless. 😉

  3. That spray, marketed as bear spray, is oleoresin capsicum.

    Available to the public for self defense limited to 5% concentration where I live.

    I worked in a jail briefly (3-4 months) and the stuff they had was 10% OC.

    To work there we had to get “certified” which involved standing there with mouth and eyes open breathing deeply. Instructor 6 feet away waited until we were breathing in to hit us full blast in the face.

    That stuff was no joke! I coughed so hard I threw up, and sneezed so many times in a row got a nose bleed. Lungs were irritated even the next day.

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