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  1. The black cat was not sniffing, it was “tasting” the air using it’s Jacobsen gland, a sensory organ in the roof of it’s mouth that works like a mixture of taste and smell. They have to scrunch up their face like that to use it. Normal cat behavior.

  2. Still, nothing stinks like cat shit.
    Housemate of mine had a male cat that wasn’t fixed. Never let him outside, and the cat decided that my face was where he wanted to sleep. I’d wake up ever morning with cat ass in my face. Couldn’t close the door, since the little shit knew how to jump up and open the door (instead of knobs they were those handle things).
    Right after I moved in, I went to the laundrymat and washed all of my clothes, had them in my room in my laundry bag. While I was at work the fucker decided to spray on my clean clothes.
    Housemate said it was a sign of affection, he was welcoming me into his territory. I was beyond angry, had to rewash everything. And I flipped out on Marty (the cat), screamed at him and he hid next to the toilet. I pissed on him while he was hiding there.

  3. Gee what a surprise. The lonely basement dwelling virgins of Epic Fail are all cat experts apparently. Go figure.

    1. Nice Pant’s… pointing out those that dwell on Epic fail are basement dwelling virgins is a little silly isn’t it, considering you’re one of the most prolific dwellers. You really are a thick cunt.

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