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  1. Typical woman. Makes a bad decisionans tries taking everyone around her down with her. My man made the right choice. Avoid her and let her deal with her own creation.

  2. No but seriously, unless the camera angle’s off, that trajectory….. dude. Me thinketh that bitch is dead. At the very least, she’s walking on wheels and permanently drooling from the side of her mouth.

    1. Wow, hm. Your comment makes me feel like a foot-long erection in a female-only Sexaholics Anonymous meeting. I don’t know where to start! All this brilliance in just four short sentences; and I quote: “decisionans” followed by “taking everyone around her down with her” followed by letting her deal with her own… her own “creation”? How does one deal with their own creation might I ask? Is that like when you ‘create’ a small puddle of warm, runny, literary brain-shart material and then high-nose it with supporting confidence as though you accomplished something? You know, like a proud monkey reveling over its experience after having pissed its own face. Oh and thanks for not being offensive and replacing your ‘u’ with an @ symbol in the word ‘fucking’ in a “satire joke website”. Do I have to say it? Okay. Moron!

  3. He’s not stupid. She could have pulled him down the wrong way. She fucked up let her take the dive. No reason for two people to get their skulls cracked open

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