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  1. Believe it or not I actually sympathize with this poor, stupid whore (i.e., typical millennial female). Given the utter absence of anything resembling real men in today’s society, her only choice is to scrape the basement floor in the hopes of finding something resembling a male. Too bad really, but that’s reality in the US today.

  2. Cool! I get to blast loads down her throat until her wigger, criminal boyfriend gets out of the Klink.
    Unfortunately for him, he’ll be swallowing loads the entire time too.

  3. Good for now, but what about when he gets out and wants to control you, beats the shit out of you when you get out of line, and screws other women? Or maybe he’s just getting money out of you while he’s in the pen. Just remember: if you like “bad boys,” that’s what you’re going to get towards you, too.

  4. My cousin liked bad boys, she ended up marrying a cop. Rather you consider that turning over a new leaf is a matter of opinion I suppose. Either way it hasn’t worked out that great for her.

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