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  1. The Moochelle Apebama lunch program while her nigglets eats burgers and pizza in their school. Liberalism is a disease.

  2. Oh wow somebody put their friend’s blueberry yogurt on some bread and confused the whole fucking world šŸ™
    You folks are kinda sad….

  3. It’s a single-celledĀ protein combined with synthetic aminos, vitamins, and minerals. Everything the body needs.

  4. Shit that looks like cancer on bread, the new improved taste.

    How the hell can they serve shit like that and with “milk” that is NOT milk… looks like poison..

  5. i came here to see if anyone knew what this fluffy shit actually is, but found a bunch of idiots trying to blame obama and the like for it. i love how that obama joke started as an irony mocking morons and now people think its a smart thing. but whatever.

    its clearly some sort of flavoured mashmallow crap. might have nutritional value but probably just cheap cancer with all the nutrition burned to oblivion.

    1. Honestly it probably is from Texas. They sell the school lunch contracts to outside companies. The lunch ladies aren’t even employees of the school but the contracted company. The schools always hire the lowest bidder of course. Honestly it’s pretty damn criminal. I have issue with the school system as a whole but jfc kids should at least be treated better than prisoners.

  6. If they hadn’t turned the blue up in their filter you would see peanut butter mixed with honey. My school did it all the time we loved it. But since everything in the pic looks a bit too blue it makes the brown look grey.

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