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  1. What a moron.
    Guess the demo-prompter was feeding her some bullshit, anti-Republican lines in there and fucked her up.
    What a twat.

  2. Ah, classic deplorable comment. You must have cracked a toothless smile when you saw this post featuring a non-white person, right, Cletus? Rubbed your hands with glee as you wracked your tiny mind to come up with a racist comment, I bet.

  3. Another example of why women belong at home cooking dinner and taking care of children. Their brains are not designed for critical thinking.

    P.S. Nice to see how “live” news is made with rehearsed lines. Yet more reason to never watch television news, or TB in general.

    1. Yet somehow, you deplorable clowns have no problem soaking your ignorant selves in Infowars, breitbart, Drudge report et al, all day. I guess that’s different from someone watching “television News” right, cocksmoker?

    2. You sound like an amazing person who has accomplished a lot in their life. Me, I’m an airline pilot, and a woman. Wow, who would have thought my fragile little brain could handle that? Let’s hope my vagina doesnt get in the way if we lose cabin pressure at 33,000 feet. Would love to meet you in person to see who has the more advanced critical thinking skills, but somehow I already know the answer. Enjoy that promotion you just got Mr. Asst Mgr at Arby’s!

  4. What’s deplorable is that you’re allowed out of your n!gger cage. Is deplorable the only fucking word you know? How about libtard, ape-man, broken snowflake, faggot, beta bitch, etc.? Those are words too and they all apply to you and that shit nest you call a family tree.

  5. You guys have to give her some slack. 2 years ago she was selling rubber bracelets to tourists on the streets of Bangladesh for 2 rupees. I bet her parents tried to drown her when she was born seeing as how her “culture” thinks it’s a curse to give birth to a girl. Wait, actually they may have gotten that one right. 3rd world semi-humans belong in the 3rd world where they can make our shoes and answer our customer service calls for year-old corn flakes as pay.

  6. Glad she wore her best blue jeans and tshirt. Some intern they put on because the actual newscaster was hungover or something?

  7. She was clearly raised in North America. I don’t think her family’s background had anything to do with her screw up. She is just a choke artist. Same in any country.

  8. You that’s think you’re so clever for being racist. My only hope is that one day all the people you know see the kinds of shit you post. Bet you aren’t so ‘bad’ then.

  9. All you have to do is post something featuring a non-white person and all the ignorant, racist scum come crawling out of the trailer park.

  10. The only long word I know is ‘deplorable’, I think it sounds smart so I use it as fast and often as I can, deplorable. I think people get upset about it, deplorable, but lack to, deplorable, realize that I just annoy everyone and, deplorable, make myself look like an idiot and a complete tool. Deplorable.

    Deplorable, deplorable, deplorable, deplorable, deplorable, deplorable, deplorable, deplorable, deplorable, de-plor-able, deplorable, deplorable, deplorably deplorable, derpy-derplorable, duh-plorable, dumbplorable, Imatoolorable, onlywordiknowable, cantfindadiffetentwordable, overusedlorable, lostitsmeaningorable

    PS: deplorable

    1. I wonder why you get so upset by being called a deplorable? Do you get as upset when you are called a retard, or ignorant, every other day? No, of course you don’t. Gee, I wonder what the difference could be?

    2. Thanks for proving the point as to not understanding the difference between being annoyed and making fun of someone for repeating themselves, and actually being offended, Mike. Congrats, you played yourself.

    3. Lol. I dont think anyone at all is offended by be called a deplorable. I think the point is when you have one and only one insult “deplorable” over a time spand of 6 months it loses its value. No one cares if anonymous calls anyone deplorable…. its just the fact he has nothing else. It gets old. Be creative. Try something else.

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