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    1. I know your attention span doesn’t exactly permit it, but the dude didn’t realize it was a cop. Much like you didn’t realize that he didn’t realize it was a cop.

    2. Doesn’t matter if he thought or presumed there wasn’t a cop. Double yellows!!! Just don’t do it. Might not be a cop. Could end up being an 18 Wheeler coming the other way!

  1. i think it was more of a Crossing the solid double lines issue than an overtaking issue, may be the cop was driving slow to entrap the driver in to crossing the lines.

  2. It’s ok when cops shoot whites, it’s not racist and no one rio… I mean “protests. But cops also racist and deplorable for shooting blacks regardless of the circumstances!!! My fragile emotions can’t handle it! ?

    1. You are so deplorable that you HAVE to utter your deplorable drivel in the comments section of a post without black people…by inventing a scenario with black people! You really do get quite upset about being called a deplorable, don’t you, you sad little loser? Lol.

    2. Mike/Stan/Anonymous, you’re so easy to trigger ??? otherwise you wouldn’t care enough to comment back, what a bitch ?????

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