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  1. Even fish are smarter than spicks. Wait, why did I use the words “even… smarter than”? Fish are like beings from the future compared to a spick.

  2. Reading the racial hatred and spite, and I pray that the recent solar eclipse was a sign of a blackhole sun comes to America. In fact, we are in End Times now as we speak. The end of mankind an existence is nearing.

    1. no, america didn’t really change in the last 100 years, morally speaking. everybody is just hiding behind a monitor now instead of openly hanging minorities. but soon the white americans are gonna be the minorities, then it’s payback time. 🙂

    2. The fact that you see a solar eclipse and you “pray it’s a sign of a blackhole sun” (not a thing, by the way) only serves to prove what a complete, drooling idiot you are. A solar eclipse and prayer have nothing to do with each other, unless of course, you’re living in the dark ages. Keep worrying about the “end of mankind” and preaching about it on some dopey website. Just do us a favor and kill yourself.

  3. White people where never a “majority”….
    And we still rule the fucking world.

    Might want to do some research into the bell curve. It will give you some insight as to why brown people will never be a ruling class.

    1. Lol, you’re so delusional you are still pushing a book that was was thoroughly debunked twenty years ago. Anyone who does some “research into the bell curve” will find that it was widely criticised at the time by almost every academic institute in the world. The book is full of questionable non-empirical data sources and Charles Murray’s methodology appears to have been designed to prove his own biases against black people. No-one outside of right-wing circle jerks actually takes this pile of shit seriously.

      Here’s some interesting facts about your hero Charles Murray. He was plucked from obscurity to work at The Manhattan Institute, a right-wing foundation set up and funded by the Koch brothers, to write Losing Ground, another widely panned book aimed at proving the evils of welfare on society. This book became the basis for Bill Clinton’s “end of Welfare as we know it” in the 1990s. Murray was then made a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, another organization set up and funded by the Koch brothers to generate psuedo-intellectual material that furthers their right-wing interests. There, Murray wrote “The Bell Curve” with funding by the Kochs.

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