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  1. I get this isnt the US…. but Police should have beat his ass once he fell to the ground. Everyone in the US crying about police brutality, but i dont think there is enough of it. People acting like idiots, breaking the law, destroying other peoples property… then they expect the cops to be gentle with them and baby them as they are taking into custody? F that. I say smack them to the ground, cuff em, then give them a few punches to the back of the head and a few kicks in the ribs and a hand full of charlie horses and guranteed theyll think twice before doing something stupid go get arrested.

  2. I normally would say “yet another fucking n*gger who make a fool of himself and adds to the stereotype of the blacks” and I would agree with Mr.Nice pants just up but we never take for account the mentally unstable, just plain ol’ sick in the head. Those people are about never checked, they are left to themselves and only when they do something like that, that they can be arrest them and then sent to psychiatric evaluation, otherwise the police can’t do anything. And evidently that’s always what we get here, The final results. Hard to understand, way easier to say, ohh look another fucking n*gger at it again. (or whatever the damn color) when it’s white it’s always a redneck hill billy… :/

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