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  1. Wow, how very Europea, er, hm… ‘murican. We’ll call it even and just say westerner. Faggots and beta males, nothing but sadness. Good riddance to western “civilization”.

    1. Yeah, I’d have to agree with that. Americans are nowhere near the garbage point of Eurotrash and their crapshoot Brexit situation.

    2. Yeah, remember in WW1 how German zeppelins bombed America? Me neither. Remember in WW2 how America was taken over by the Nazis? Me neither. I do recall Europeans thinking that America didn’t help win either world war. You know, like after the French and British retreated giving Nazi control to France, then America (after beating the Nazis in Afrika) came to the aide of their failing allies, and assisted in the major assault (Operation Overlord) of Europe in 1944. Europeans don’t realize that America didn’t step foot on European soil for the previous 5 years that Europe was getting conquered by the Nazis, yet 1 year after the US invaded Normandy, the war ended… Somehow Russia ‘won’ against the Nazis when they were losing Stalingrad, and when the US started advancing west in Europe, the Nazis were getting pulled to the Eastern front, giving Russia a chance to finally break through. But the US had nothing to do with winning WW2. ?

  2. LOOOOOOL how can anybody defend American society after they just elected Trump and made themselves the laughing stock of the entire world? Seriously?? LMFAO

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