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    1. When all is said and done nobody will want to breed with white trash fascists like yourself.
      Go fuck yourself you nazi piece of shit.

    2. Eli, you do realize that Nazi is short for national socialist right? Hitler was a liberal just like you, uneducated, pathetic little putz.

    3. “Funny”
      ANTIFA. Anti-Fascist. Read a little history

      They are doing EXACTLY what the Brownshirt (Sturmabteilung, who became the SS) were doing just before Hitler took power. They would silence anyone who didn’t agree with them- with violence and worse, while the police turned a blind eye to the extremist violence.

      Calling yourself something doesn’t make it so. Your actions define you, and everyone knows EXACTLY what ANTIFA is.

    1. Classic fascist. Suggesting murder to those who protest in dissent.
      I can’t help but think we’d still be British colonies if more people like you were around in 1776.
      We won that war. Then we won the Civil War. And WW1. and WW2…liberalism will always prevail over fascism and bigotry.

  1. Uhhh no. Trump’s election was the protest in dissent. A protest against the scripted media narrative and the liberal lunacy. A protest against reverse racism and the hyper-PC culture. A protest against career politicians lining their pockets with pay-for-play.

    The whiny liberal kids are out in the street protesting because they don’t have anything better to do, and John Oliver told them that Trump was a bad man. Common sense and critical thinking will always prevail over ignorant sheep.

  2. LMAO…these are NOT protesters. These are precious snowflake ANARCHIST.
    To them, it is “our way or the highway”.

  3. Looks like Eli/Jacob is triggered.
    Same fucker too. The avatar is identical.
    What a lib fag.
    Go back to starting trouble at your antifa riots, faggot.

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