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    1. If it bothers you so much, why read the comment section? It would be easier for you to avoid it than try to convince people to not have their own opinions, which isn’t really up to you….

    2. the same could be said about you two asshats. if you are so offended by his comment, why read the comment section?

    3. That’s right, being an incorrigible racist is merely “having your own opinion”. Hitler just had “his own opinion” about the jews, too, right, dickhead?

    4. Wow, you’re a little off topic but that’s to be expected. If you believe people revolted against Hitler because he wanted to rid the earth of Jews you’re an idiot. They revolted because of his new world order ideal. They wanted to keep their land theirs, not because they were so upset with the gas chambers. I’m trying to explain to you that just because you feel you’re ideals are right doesn’t mean they are, just like everyone else. You can rant and rave as much as you want but the only way people change is if they choose too, not by force.

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