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  1. Florida, New York, and California should all be swallowed whole by the ocean. That is how you make America great again.
    PS Jersey too

    1. without states like new york and california, what would the american economy be like? growing crops and raising cattle? lol

    2. There are plenty of port cities on the seaboards. New York doesn’t do shit except house the intellectual property of the nation’s accomplishments and bitch about a foot of snow like they are the only town in the world afflicted by nature. Don’t need a shiny building and rat kings to run the country. LA flopping into the sea would hose many illegal immigrant jobs in the sweatshops there and fuck Hollywood. Florida is just a sandbar for parole gypsy nomads to live on and old people to cheat taxes and again illegal immigrant jerbs, so yeah, it can go too. Jersey I was willing to keep for a trash dump, essentially filling the state with garbage to capacity, at which point we strap a couple of propellers to it, chop it off the mainland and let it set sail for the EU to handle with all of their delicious Google money they sued for.
      These are all humorous generalizations. Geographically painting the habits of people with a broad brush is not accurate at all. People are people. There are good folks and turds wherever you go (like this website).
      “Growing crops and raising cattle…” um you mean produce FOOD. Yeah that is super pointless. smdh.

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