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  1. Pussy… Tv’s don’t hit back. So not only is a tough guy beating up on a tv, but dumb enough to bet on mcgregor? Lol

    1. you are constantly insulting other from behind a monitor and you don’t see any irony in your statement? o.O

  2. Rofl…he was going to get beat like an unwanted redheaded stepchild before he ever stepped foot in that ring. Floyd punked him like a little bitch. He could never go the distance. His training was shit. He just wanted $$$

  3. It amazes me, how people get so worked up on something, that, in a year, 99% probably won’t remember, and, in the greater things going on in the world, who gives a flying F***

  4. Ha-ha-ha.

    And some people wonder why the world is so screwed up – well, just look at what’s in it.

    Maybe the liberals can cuddle him and make him feel better about his daddy issues?

  5. What a fucking douche. At least they have evidence for a civil suit. Wish he would have hit the backlight inverter.

  6. Not a McGregor fan. Most of us are Irish. When our team loses we just get pissed and party. Don’t give two fucks if a millionaire loses a fight and still gets paid more than I will earn in a life time.

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