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    1. If after watching this you actually think a brainless, moronic, lowlife, millennial dip-shit like this is a Trump supporter, then it only goes to further prove that even the fucking eyes of a libtard, fuckwit, lefty-Nazi subhuman grow from the very same place your heads are wedged in – your ass!

    2. let’s be honest though…clearly this metrosexual loser wearing a women’s suit jacket and skinny jorts voted for hilldog.

    3. yeah you imbecile. don’t you know upright trump voters are hanging out at walmart wearing nothing but underwear with confederate flags on it? how dare you defile these fine people! #ImmunityFromInsults4TrumpSupporters

  1. Oh please please please please please be paralyzed! Please! What joy it would be to see this massive waste of carbon and oxygen leftard millennial space filler have to roll around in a wheelchair and drooling out the side of his mouth for the rest of his worthless life! Mmmmm.

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