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  1. What an ass. This is exactly we need rationing during emergency situations.
    The entire Southeast is facing gas shortages from Hurrican Harvey and this assholes fills his truck and a couple of trash cans…fucking douche bag.

  2. There weren’t any real gas shortages. It was rumors that were started. Then fucktwizzles like this started lining up around the block and now we DO have gas shortages. Fuck people.

  3. Bullshit lol…you believe what they fucking feed you.

    Go suck off your cat in your safeplace. There was and is a shortage. Where did the fucking gas come from for most of the stations….you fucking idiot

  4. America has the most oil reserves out of any country, there are literally billions of gallons of oil just being stored. This whole gas shortage crap is a fabrication, the lies we’re fed and eat up, all in the name of money. Remember to pay your taxes or you’ll go to prison = freedom ?

  5. I love how everyone assumes what this guy is doing. No one here knows what the fuck is going on. He could be stocking up for emergency generators for all his neighbors who’s cars had flooded, and can’t get gas themselves.

    But nope, see a picture, assume the worst, then start hating for no fucking reason.

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