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  1. Yes, millennials – clean out the chaff before you attempt anything in adult life that remotely resembles responsibility and ownership of your actions.

    1. Oh, come on, grandad douche-canoe. I’m not a millennial and I recall doing stupider things than this when I was an empty-headed moron at high school and college. Take your sanctimonious bullshit back to bible school…in whatever rural shithole you come from.

    2. Then you are fucking moron anon. I’m not a millennial either, and I never attempted to jump off a porch railing onto a balcony.

    3. Wow, thanks for your anecdotal evidence that all millennials are morons because you “never attempted to jump off a porch railing onto a balcony.” What a hero….a very dense hero.

    4. I never said all millenials were morons, just you anon…as further evidenced by your lack of reading comprehension. The majority of the population has not done stupid shit like this.

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