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  1. And with that stupid rag they call a flag glued to the side of the garage. It’s like they’re consciously laboring to look as stupid as humanly possible.

    1. hey, take it easy. most americans only have that flag as the only thing they can remotely be proud of. everything else in their lives pretty much sucks.

    2. Better than any European country though so there’s always that. Especially after Brexit and the faiingl EU economy. History shows Europeans as cowards, retreating with their tails between their legs in multiple wars like the enemy will just leave them alone if they run away, like England for example, I mean how do you get your own cities bombed by Zepplins (Raids) then thirty years later retreat and run back home to mommy, only to get bombed and nearly destroyed again (Battle of Britiain) in the same cities by same enemy? ??

      That’s ok though, the US will keep protecting the EU every time the slightest bit of danger approaches or one of its country (yet again) surrenders because they heard a loud noise. The U.S. understands that EU cowards will be EU cowards, and so the US will have to continuously send REAL men to protect countries that’s not even theirs because everyone else is running away.

      Europeans = known for being scared of their own shadows, it’s ok, the world gets it, not everyone can be brave.

  2. If he’d landed on the table, it would’ve cost a whole month’s wages to replace it.
    Also, the flag is hung improperly. Stars in the upper-left corner.
    If you love your country’s flag, respect it. If you love your country, be respectable.

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