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  1. What the fuck does this have to do with Russia, you moronic jackass? As if the world’s major share of idiots are concentrated somewhere other than inside ‘Murica, or inside western countries as a matter just plain factual data.

    1. I wonder what that would make Europeans if Westerners are ‘jackasses’… I mean, most European countries can’t even defend themselves from known threats and have gotten bombed repeatedly during multiple wars resulting in either surrender or needing western influence as a bailout; that’s either cowardice, stupidity or a combination, either way nowhere near intelligent.

    2. @idiot above me: half of europe is considered to be western you fucking illiterate cunt. the british had the largest empire to date so go pack your bags. half the world laughs at you, get over it.

    3. ^I wouldn’t start calling people names, Rome actually had the largest empire in history and controlled/influenced about 80% of the known world. Britain held influence but failed to control their ’empire’, after various revolutions in countries like India and the Americans for example, Britain lost and withdrew their influence, Britain now holds little influence over the rest of the world, they’re not the powerhouse they were 400 years ago.

      As far as Europe being ‘Western’, I’m sorry but you’re also incorrect about that, you cannot definitively say that Europe is considered western because it depends on the location you are on the earth. Western civilization is universally considered more North Ameeica by global standards due to the majority of the globe being ‘East’ of the North American continent, Eastern civilization is considered more Asian countries like Russia (for example)… again it depends on where you are located. Just thought I’d point out that you tried to correct someone with incorrect opinions.

    4. My God, how ignorant you are. Just type “western world” on google. Of course Europe is part of it!

      And for the first comment: yes, indeed. Why Russia. I mean, Russia have the highest concentration of dash cam on Earth (because of insurance scam begin frequent there). Hence the high number of car videos from Russia.
      Nevertheless, for this specific stuff, I’ve never seen a video of a car with missing wheel from Russia. There are dozens of similar videos on epicfail. All from America.

      If you want to point finger at Russia, do it on failed insurance scam video.

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