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  1. Remember, folks, the first thing to do after a potentially serious head and neck injury is to immediately pick up the victim and lift him high in the air.

    1. O RLY…..that wasnt cardboard… it was solid wood, if it was cardboard 1. when he pulled the string/rope it would have bent and it didn’t, 2. when it hit the kid it would have bent and it didn’t

    2. Uhhh no, it’s clearly cardboard. Apparently you are unfamiliar with the “bending” properties of corrugated cardboard.

      Also it bounced off the kid’s head. Do you have any idea how heavy a solid wooden box of that size would be? There would be blood all over the place.

  2. So he knows the box is falling and rather than helping out his little girl he protects himself by jumping back while she gets knocked in the head…… that box was solid btw it didnt look like cardboard.

  3. Jesus, the commentors on this site get more retarded by the day. “Its a solid wood box” lol retards. Who would construct a wooden box to fill with baloons and streamers and hang 20ft in the air. You clowns need to get off the internet and out more.

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