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  1. It’s both of their faults. Drivers fault for not using common sense, and the ‘lumberjacks’ fault for not closing off the road to traffic.

  2. Re: comments above ^. Fucking really? At 21 I must be the oldest person to have visited this site today. Let me help everyone out.

    The phrase, “Moroccan lumberjack miscalculates” is akin to the phrase, “Monkey pilot misses landing airstrip.” There are way more questions than answers and logic does not factor in, so stop trying.

    1. None of what you said had anything to do with either of the comments above you. Are you trying to prove something or just compensate?

    2. There’s no logic in what happened and that’s what the second comment was saying, the first comment was recognizing how the guy kept driving despite the tree collapsing, but nothing of what YOU said actually applies to the comments or the video. At 21, you should know how to properly read and interpret by now, but instead attempted to sound narcissistic and smart but did the opposite… moron.

    1. at least they don’t have a fucking mc donalds on every street corner and people stealing shit after a disaster.

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