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  1. The legend of retarded master. This is worse than watching screaming, crying n!ggers in a pentecostal church gettin’ dey Sun’dey cheerch on! This is worse than baptists and southern Jesus nuts on LSD. Tell ya what, that crack is some powerful shit. Not even once!

    1. ^until they start saying Jesus was black. You know, because of all those black middle easterns you hear about, ?

    1. for example, the US is the only country where mega churches and religions like latter day saints and scientology thrive. not that other religions aren’t retarded, but those take the retard cake. all born in the USA.

    1. Are you not struck by the irony of pointing out a spelling mistake on a fail site….. but then racists don’t do irony very well, look forward to some more enlightened coment s

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