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  1. Imagine she sleeps with one man per day : 100 000 / 365 = 294 years !!!
    Even if she sleep with 5 mens per day, she still need aourd 55 years !!!

    Impossible quest …

  2. She a frigging Polakl. What did you expect, brains? There’s a damn good reason there are so many Polak jokes. The stereotype is very true. This is a country that freely let Hitler’s army march right in from the west, not to mention that a great deal of ignorant Polaks still carry Nazi sympathies. Given that Europe is actually Eurotrash, Polaks are that mildew and sticky, rancid residue stuck to the bottom of the canister that even bleach won’t totally remove.

    1. If that’s how you feel about white people from other countries, you must have some charming opinions about black people. You sound like a wonderful human being.

  3. Looking at her, you would think that she would be the faithful type, and only want one sexual partner. She looks so pretty and innocent. She does not look like the kind to shag as many people as possible. Bless her.
    Oh, wait a minute, sorry, I was looking at the wrong picture.

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