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  1. Sad that they only build one phone and can’t even get that right. Then there is the whole “being insane douchenozzles that give zero fucks about their customers, humans, or the planet in favor of money”. Apple has never been a leader in hardware, just advertising and building an idiotic Antifa like cult that seems to enjoy ignorance and relish narcissism. They stole MacOS’s windows UI along with Microsoft from Xerox and had to buy stolen UNIX/Citrix (FreeBSD) instead of writing their own OS later on. They are all fluff. They will never “kill android” since t3h g00g continuously stomps their colons in terms of features and advances on a regular basis and at a cost model even us deplorable brokeass peices of shit can afford. And from my 98-2003 years as a sysadmin “FUCK APPLETALK” garbage ass protocol. By not playing nicely with others and walling the garden you cheat your actual userbase out of functionality in a real-world situation IMHO. If they do release a car, it will probably need an adapter for the gas nozzle for their proprietary fuel port. They are that shitty and money-grubbing.

  2. Wow, @ Soda Can

    I thank the lord every day that I wasn’t born a batshit crazy right-winger like you.

    “They only build one phone and can’t even get that right.” Haha!
    “Insane douchenozzles that give zero fucks about their customers, humans, or the planet in favor of money.” Seriously? Do you really believe that?!
    “Antifa like cult that seems to enjoy ignorance and relish narcissism.” Seriously? Do you really believe that?!
    “They will never “kill android.” Dude, Apple does NOT want to kill Android. Android is the #1 sales tool for Apple because after 5 seconds of using an Android phone people will pay top dollar to not have to use it. It’s Caca and we all know it.

    1. ROFL…apple fanboi detected. I bet you think the single USB-C port on the macbook is a “great idea!”

      The only people paying “top dollar” for new iphones are retards such as yourself who think it’s a fashion statement.

    2. Lol Bill. I promise you I am not a crazy right winger. I don’t really know where you got that from other than the Antifa cult slight on its ignorant userbase. It is possible to enjoy facts without being a neoliberal cockwad. They give two shits about the world. Look at how little Apple donated over the past 2 decades (until the last 2 years) vs Bill Gates. Hell, Jobs stepped on a bunch of poor people’s heads to buy a liver for himself. He bought the surgeon a house. I shit you not. He parked in handicapped spaces though totally able. Nice guy smdh.
      His number one mission was to kill Android even though it was in alpha production a full 8 months before Apple ever considered doing the same thing. Yet Jobs thought it was a ‘stolen product’ because he has money and is smarter than everyone else (douchenozzle couldn’t even write code or have any electrical engineering skills-that was Woz).
      Their whole business model at this point has been to sell an MP3 player that consistently stays 3-5 years behind what other manufacturers are able to do with android. Narcissism you ask? I need to point no further than their new donut building with seamless doors and massive leaking problems lmao kinda a metaphor for their products. Narcissism also follows thru to the users in terms of spending shitloads of unnecessary money on a shiny product that does less on any given day than its competitors. The hardware has the same failure rates and software errors that Android and even Windows-based laptops have, Apple just tries to bury the evidence. They literally hire grass roots goons to police forums and even shitty comment sections like this one to dispel/have removed any dissent or bad-mouthing of their products. The big ones involved in this were Levelone Media and SlingshotPR. Slingshot is not even listed as a company anymore. It is similar to the Russian twitter accounts we have all been hearing about.
      I doubt I will sway you with my reply, so moving on after this. I do not care for armchair partisan hacks that are fucking ignorant of the subject to which they speak. I don’t suppose you have spent 20+ years repairing and maintaining fleets of machines and the networks on which they reside. If you did, you would know all of these things. Enjoy your ‘superior’ product, sniff some of your own farts for that sack of shit Jobs, and as I always tell folks, “Use what works for you.”

    3. Well, the Apple factory in China had a bunch of employee/slaves jump off and commit suicide. So much so that Apple put up nets to stop them. Such a caring slave owner

    4. You finished yet, Soda Can’t? Two things;

      1. No-one gives a flying fuck what you think in your loser job in the thrilling world of IT. All the problems you describe are completely esoteric and don’t effect 99.99% of non-retarded people using a mac in the real world.

      2. No-one who ever switched from a PC to a mac, said “I think I’ll switch back to PC because windows is so much better”…ever. The same can said for those who have switched from a clunky, unintuitive Android device, that feels like there’s one developer working on it, to an iphone.

      End of story.

    5. 1. Everyone using a mac is retarded. Your argument is invalid.

      2. Windows is not the only OS that runs on a PC. But you wouldn’t know that, because you’re retarded.

      End of story.

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