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  1. @ cunnilingusking More like a barrel obstruction.

    Too hot a charge would have blown out at the chamber or the bolt would have failed. The way the barrel split there was an obstruction probably a squib round where the bullet didn’t clear the muzzle.

    1. @Anonymous The lady doth protest too much me thinks. You should pay attention and spend less time raping dogs behind the lawnmower covered in kudzu.

    2. If you pause the gif you can see how it starts to split at the mouth’s chamber, clearly an overpressure round.
      Hey, cheap rifle + redneck handload =always kaboom.

    1. oh but trumpanzees already have them. they are always at rallies holding them like they’re some kind of delta squad lol. but I bet if those rednecks will face real combat, they’d probably get shot dead in the first attack wave.

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