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  1. Flouride is a toxic waste that is banned from many countries. It is also against human rights to forcibly medicate people against their will or authorisation or in some cases, knowledge.

    1. It isn’t medication.
      There are no side effects.
      We save tens of billions in our health care system every year from people not developing cavities and tooth decay because of fluoridated water.
      If you don’t like it move to Saudi Arabia or buy bottled water.
      You are a fucking moron.

  2. flouride is poison. it occurs naturally in some waters like many other minerals. like salt, etc. but at very low levels. its also been shown to help sedate people in regular consumption like why the nazis used it. if youre stupid enough to believe the government puts it in the water to protect your fucking teeth youll probably believe anything. its a by ptoduct from smelting aswell as far as i know. so because at low levels its not going to neccessary kill you and can harden enamel at the proper amounts (while still being poison to injest) the governments that allow it in the city water are making money for putting poisons somewhere… in you. in the end its unnessessary and only a cuck moron would let their government tell them what they should put in their body.

    but the post is pointing out the irony of the sticker while the bitch smokes. fuck sakes

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