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  1. Honest to fuck they never learn. Question….how many people have to be embarrased in font of thousands of spectators, slagged of by sports broadcasters and generally humiliate themselves before they realize not to do this. By the time you reach so far onto the field that your buddies gotta grab your ankles your probably too far over the rail. Best place to put your hands at a ballgame is on your fuckin beer. And btw this guy doesnt own a TV? Didn’t know that this is a bad idea…never seen this go wrong before?


  2. So the guy took a ball that was “still in play” is that right? Idk, I’m not into sports. Do they kick you out for it and that’s why he left, or was he just so embarassed he left?

  3. Who fucking cares it’s a stupid ass game to distract people. I’d tell my gf to kick rocks if she was ashamed enough to hide her face with a hood for making a mistake. It’s a stupid fucking game, and everyones life isnt going to magically change if they win their dumb ass baseball championship……

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