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    1. Ah, classic deplorable comment. Witless beginning, trailed off a little in the middle and the less said about the end, the better. 3/10

  1. How was he thwarted? They’re taking him out of the prison to the hospital right? Stage 1 complete. Stage 2: escape from the less – secure hospital.

  2. All I see is a piece of shit (i.e., any given n!gger) having unsuccessfully attempted to flush itself sown the toilet. At least it had the right idea. All n!gger turds should be flushed.

    1. All ignorant, racist scumbags, like you, should be flushed. Luckily, most of you inbred clowns live in bumfuckville in the middle of fly-over country, or a trailer park, so you can’t annoy normal people with your stupidity. Good luck doing anything other than manual labour for the rest of your life, though, Cletus.

  3. Hate to say it but if he let go he would have lost his fist full of dope. Same way to trap cimps in the wild…I’d give it very high odds!

  4. I like how they are taking better care of the toilet on the gurney then they are the Black trash trying to get his Kids out of the pool

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