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  1. Why the fuck does he try and steer the car still?

    You would have thought a professional driver would no that if the wheels fall off the steering won’t work!

    1. Because on F1 cars of that era the steering also worked on the rear wheels, not only by slightly moving them but by acting differentially on their individual brakes.

    2. the non-deplorable one, What era would that be? because you obviously didn’t watch the whole video. In the rest of the video it show an external view of the car for the whole crash and you can CLEARLY see that the rear wheels DO NOT turn at all during the whole video.

    3. Don’t be a moron, educate yourself, there are still plenty of cars with rear steering wheels around.

    4. How about you “don’t be a moron”, and watch the video we are actually discussing? Nobody gives a shit about your random F1 knowledge.

      Even if the rear wheels could steer, the brakes were locked up. So it wouldn’t matter. The driver was just steering out of habit.

  2. Looks like one if the wheel locks was loose. It jammed and snapped the axel. Notice the wheels don’t explode but fly off whe the rod destroys itself.

    1. Actually it was a suspension failure – the antiroll bar locked so when Buemi applied the breaks the entire force went on the wheelhubs and suspension arms so they snapped.

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