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  1. It’s certainly high, but the problem goes far deeper — it’s a n!gger. Yes of course n!ggers are always in either one of two states: high or trying to find a way to get high (robbing, stealing, killing, or selling the drugs they use, etc.), but the point is, high or not, this standard issue jungle bunny is too stupid to know the difference between a card and a dollar bill regardless of its state of sobriety. Ever watch chimpanzees try to figure out infant puzzles? Wait you’re right. Chimpanzees are far more intellectually advanced. N!ggers are basically broken chimps.

    1. And here we see the basic bitch racist, always lurking in the comments section of this website, waiting to pounce on any post that features a non-white person. His impotent rage at being being the lowliest member of society causes him to frequently rattle the cage of his trailer park in bumfuckville, flyover country. The dawning realization that his lack of education and regrettable tattoos have doomed him to a life of manual labour, make this specimen of inbred loserdom, all the more angry as the prospect of permanent hopeless-fuck status sinks in. Shine on, racist diamond, shine on…like a shit peanut on the sidewalk.

    2. The ones that pretend to hate black people so much are usually the faggots that let them fuck their wives. They just post comments like this on the internet to make themselves feel superior after getting cucked.

    3. I would normally comment on your asinine comment, but the level of stupidity in your words is beyond even my capacity for sarcasm. In any case, you are clearly an ignorant, reprehensible cunt of the first order.

  2. Uh, the scary thing is that he’s not high. I once saw a guy like that trying to mow his lawn with a snow blower. They walk among us.

    1. Statistically speaking hes probably so fucked up because he just finished cucking you and the thousand other beta redneck pieces of shit. I’d be out of it too if I had to fuck all the fat nasty triple-chin redneck losers you take for wives.

  3. Dumber than a box of rocks. How does this ignorant n!gger’s brain produce enough energy to make his legs move?
    Assholes like this are posterchildren for literacy in America. He’s also a walking, somewhat talking reason for forced birth control if yo momma is collectin’ welfare.

  4. LMAO , everyone is right. Typical N!gger..Love this queer, faggot anon that keeps talking about racist people posting in ”secrete” while they use a anon to post their faggotry.
    63 million of us said we dont want idiots like this having a majority say anon, go march on the highway and fly your rainbow flag…ass clown

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