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  1. A knuckle scraping jigaboo trying to communicate with the human race. How cute. Anothe million generations or so and they’ll finally reach the level of neanderthals.

  2. Ebonics, or “black English”. I’ve been told that the reason blacks speak the way they do, is because they don’t want to speak “white people english”… seriously ?

  3. The sign is requesting that the reader move the writer’s excrement, which, philosophically, is identified with “an I” (suggesting that the writer identifies with excrement). I cannot decipher the word “flantin,” although the writer is imagining doing that to the reader’s tires (perhaps out of rage over a poor self-concept). Then, the writer simply exclaims the phrase “real talk,” which might be a turrets utterance of a radio station’s slogan. There is no sense of grammar or punctuation, and I do not perceive the meaning of different colors. In conclusion, this is the product of a severely disorganized mind; therapy is advised.

  4. Ah yes, here we see the deplorables in a pack, circling their prey, in a feeding frenzy of self-congratulation and ignorance. Look how they all swoop on a post featuring something a potentially non-white person may, or may not have said. The racist hive mind, everybody. What a wonder.

  5. Ebonics exists because n1ggers were and still are too stupid to pronounce the easiest of words correctly, thus creating an entirely separate dialect of retard speak.

  6. Profanity..check
    Bad spelling…check
    have a blessed day…wtf?
    real talk…calculating…….
    Ok, written by N!ggerous Homosapious Dumbasious.
    Hey Fag Anon!!!!

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