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  1. Who gives a crap? schezwan sauce is disgusting. That’s why it isn’t a thing anymore. But now suddenly because of a stupid cartoon people are losing their minds over some gross ass sauce.

    1. I agree. That fandom thing is pathetic (I don’t even know where this passion for this sauce come from. I learn from you that it is from a cartoon).

      Nevertheless, you have to admit that this is a big failure from McDonald. I mean, their target, with this sauce thing, was precisely pathetic fans, able to travel from Canada (as seen in another EF post) and wait 2½ hour under the sun (as seen here) to get this sauce. They can’t now just say “those people are just crazy persons”. They are, that beyond any contest. But if you do a commercial operation that target crazy persons, you must be ready to match crazy persons expectation. And can’t be surprise if those crazy persons are angry if you don’t.

      So clearly, here, what we see is a McDonald failure. Those crazy persons did not fail here (it was a preexisting condition. They would have been no less crazy if McDonald had enough sauce for everybody)

    2. Oh I fully agree with you. I am sure McDonald’s put out too few trying to stir up news about it like Nintendo did with the re-release of their original Nintendo but they didn’t learn the lesson that it might create news but it also creates unnecessary chaos.

    1. I always find it funny that those calling others fat on the internet are usually whales in real life. Calm down Shamu.

  2. Rick and morty is a dumb ass show for the gays anyway let them complain. If it wasn’t about sauce it would be about something else

  3. Try being a fan of exercise, and quit dressing like a clown so people stare, then you complain that everyone stares cause your different. Dumb Cunt eat salad!

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