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  1. What was it that he clobbered? Pretty sure that was a blue-gummed pavement chimp. Hope so! Pesky little nigglet! Annoying when they climb down from their trees and try to interact with humans. Good thing this man had the foresight to scare this one away so it knows to run next time it sees a person.

    1. You don’t know that. You have only the end of the story here.
      Obviously the man had just parked when the video start. And the other guy was cycling.

      So there is a good chance that the cyclist action was already a reaction to something not shown in the video.
      Was the crashing of the window a proportionate response to what has done the driver? I don’t know. But neither do you (and anyway, about proportionality, I don’t thing knocking someone out is a proportionate response to a broken window)

      Maybe the cyclist was upset about an imaginary crime. Maybe he was crossing the street on a pedestrian lane, and was upset because the driver did not consider him as a pedestrian with priority (in which case the cyclist is wrong and the driver right). Maybe, the driver had just turned right without taking into account the presence of the cyclist and almost crushed him (in which case the cyclist is right and the driver wrong).

      So, you don’t know what triggered the escalation of violence.
      The only thing you know for sure, is that whatever it is, both of them responded stupidly with violence (you don’t crash a windows for a road offense. You don’t knock someone out for a crashed window)

    2. Seeing as how the cyclist was not injured and his bike was not damaged, we can conclude that he was the first to respond with violence. Contrary to liberal logic, smashing a window is not an appropriate response because you are “upset.”

      In conclusion, the punk ass bitch on the bike got what he deserved.

    3. But you don’t know that. You know that the response is, whatever, excessive (from both sides). But maybe he had to brake and fall at the last second because the driver cut his road.

      You are talking about “liberal” views (I am not American, so I am neither liberal nor conservative). But your opinion is clearly not an informed opinion, but a biased opinion (because your brain is computing cyclist = liberal = he is wrong. So your views are biased conservative views

    4. I do know that. We can see it on the video.

      I don’t know why you think liberal views are limited to Americans. Your opinion is clearly based on a liberal thought process, namely:

      1. Let’s give criminals the benefit of the doubt, even when their acts are caught on video.
      2. Malicious destruction of property is ok if someone upset or offended you.

      My opinion is informed based on the events in the video. Your opinion is informed based on your emotions. Tell me who’s biased?

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