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  1. Commie-fornia is nothing but a Libtard cesspool of dumbfucks The big earthquake that is supposedly supposed to destroy it can’t come soon enough. Fuck them!

  2. Luckily, most of you deplorable, right-wing retards live in rural backwaters in the middle of nowhere, where you can’t annoy the rest of us normal people, that live in cities, with your ignorant douchebaggery.

    1. Funny how the vast majority of violent crimes occur in cities where the “normal people” are…I’ll enjoy the peace and safety of the “middle of nowhere” while you dead bolt your door every night to protect yourself from your “normal” neighbors.

  3. People, we need to give anonymous snowflake xer space.

    Xe has not been xerself since Trump was elected, xer idea of a perfect little world has been shattered by the notion that xe is not a perfect little being, amazing in xer own way and that xe cannot get everything xe wants by just crying about it.

    Xe has realized that the world outside xer perfect Crappyfornia is a cruel place and will fuck xer over by being the little bitch xe is and that xer only way to cope with it is to lash out at people who have different ideas from xer.

    Remember folks, everyone who disagrees with our precious snowflakes is a racist. No other explanation exists.

  4. If you read the details and the reasoning behind it, the HIV law change is actually sensible. I cannot say the same for the other though.

  5. I am still waiting for all of the illegals to put out the wildfires lol. Fuck Cali. Have your burned ass taco cake and eat it too. Jerry Brown should be launched into the Sun.

  6. Liberalism is a mental disorder

    On top of those two articles, The Dem house senator Kevin DeLeon has admitted half his family is Illegal, and stole others identities so they can work. So 2 felonies each, plus ruining innocent American families in the process.

    These guys either have a mental disorder, or are completely evil.

  7. Burn Hellifornia, Burn! Love watching the fires. If only an earthquake and a North Korean nuke hit Cali right now, that would solve one of the major problems in the US. Go Kim Jung Un! What are you waiting for? This is your opp. As long as you hit Cali and Cali only, square between the eyes, the rest of us won’t even judge you. Instead you’ll get a muffled thank you and a silent hats off nod with a wink. Go go go!

    1. While I think the headlines are ridiculous and stupid, you are a terrible person. I hope you choke to death on all the cock you definitely suck.

  8. Man, they are so ahead of the curve over there on the west coast…I mean those I’m deeply saddened those liberal dung fucks did not get another four years to finish running this country into a shit smear…
    Keep crying little babies, you still got 7 more years of a respectable country, no matter how much you boycot and protest

  9. That wall needs to be extended methinks…. #calexit would be the 2nd best thing to happen to America after Trump’s election.

  10. The first story has to do with two things 1) HIV is no longer a death sentence and 2) CA jails are FULL
    The second story is just liberal bs.

    1. If i fucked someone and they gave me HIV and new they had it, i would murder them. Obviously i would be smart about it so i hopefully would not be charged. but i would take that risk.

    2. 1) HIV is still as deadly as ever – and if you believe otherwise just stop taking your pills and you’ll see for yourself. Besides, we’re the ones that pay for your pills, without us you would have been dead along time ago.
      2) that’s because they no longer use the death penalty – reinstate that and those jails would be emptied in a month.

  11. Fucking California.
    Run by progressives, all with the mental illness that is liberalism.
    That fucking state needs a 15.0 earthquake to help shake it off right into the pacific ocean, drowning all the retards and illegals.

  12. California also made Child Prostitution Legal last year:

    “On 26 September 2016, California Governor Jerry Brown approved legislation that decriminalized prostitution in the case of minors:

    The Democratic governor announced he signed SB1322 to ban police from charging people under the age of 18 with prostitution.”

    This place needs to burn…. Oh yeah, it is right now.

  13. finally evolution is doing its job on california, therell be no human living forms soon.
    but probably some beings half human half beast wise-assed atheists and hipsterous possers which practice bestallity, incest and pedo

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