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  1. I was kind of expecting a three year old to fall out of her. Stupid af to wear those heels on a pier anyway.

  2. She got a face only a mother could love, horrid hair, and retarded tats. Too bad it wasn’t her that went off the pier.

  3. Was gonna say might wanna skip the glamour shots tgere girl…..easy way to save $75.

    On second look, she could prolly slide one of her tits between the cracks though and earn it back. Just sayin.

    1. Maybe she could get her roots done as well to match. They make her look like a gypsy on the dole but all the other gypsies don’t even like her so she is forced to walk around looking like shit and looking for spare copper to sell at the scrap yard. Probably drinks soup from a can as well…

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