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  1. Isn’t this a great generation, our leaders of tomorrow. I can leave this world knowing that our future is in good hands.

    1. Hey, you’re the ones that raised them, if you need to blame someon just blame yourselves.
      Freaking boomers…..

    1. You need to be careful with that. If you took all the dumb shit white people do and multiplied by several million times you still wouldn’t even begin to scrape the mildew on the surface of what horrors the very unfortunate existence of jungle bunny n!ggers has brought the world. It’s not even comparable. The jigaboo is a cancerous curse on this planet.

  2. Fuck, our education system is lacking. I really don’t see how dumb people can be, what did they think was going to happen? I really want to know how they envisioned this stunt, did they think the flames would magically go away after a few seconds?

  3. “Longer you watch, better it gets.” Sort of. Better would’ve been both of them left curled up coals, dead as can be. But I’ll take it given that it’s one of the rare cases on this site when something is actually funny.

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