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    1. Yet, here you are responding with angry, witless drivel, but you’re definitely not triggered, right, Cletus?

  1. Do you just sit around waiting for someone to make a comment so you can parody it? You’re so adorable! You missed a few though.

    1. Do you just sit around waiting for a post with a non-white person in it, so you can make ignorant, racist comments? You’re so deplorable! You missed a few though.

  2. I wish the gay anonymous that runs to the rescue of every sjw or pavement ape on this site would get a name so we can refer to him as something other than Hillary’s bitch

    1. I wish the witless racists, like you, that utter their ignorant drivel on every post featuring a black person, would publish their name and address so we could refer to them as something other than an uneducated scumbag.

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