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    1. Quit talking to yourself libtard. we all know leftism is a mental disease, but try to contain it in public. Your warm cup of idiot is literally spilling over.

    2. Ironically you literally have no idea what irony means, nor the contextual use of the word “literally” herein where given the brainless n!gger buck as a subject it is more than apropos to describe its skull as a chalice overflowing with gorilla shit. But I digress. Go LOL yourself to the nearest protest.

    3. You lot as so damn predictable. Boring as fuck. Also do you really not have the balls to actually type the I when being racist? Is that where you draw the line on being a pile of shit for hating someone for something they literally have no control over like skin color? Now mind you this guy in the video is a huge fucking idiot but that has nothing to do with his skin color, just like the amount of fucking idiot exuded in most of the comments on epicfail have nothing to do with skin color. No it probably has more to do with the fact that so many of you must be so pissed about your lives that you have to just spew ignorant bullshit hate at whatever target you can find. Honestly I wish so much that the internet required your real identity attached to whatever you said always cause I have a feeling most of you would find yourselves with a lot fewer friends and most likely jobs. No one wants an ignorant hateful piece of trash in their lives.

  1. David Attenborough here, and today we are witnessing something incredible. Notice this ape has stumbled upon fire. Seemingly it attracts the gorilla with its dancing, bright orange color, but the beast does not realize the danger. Here we can witness evolution in the making as this jungle primate discovers that fire burns and is quite painful indeed. The look of bewilderment in its ape eyes seems to almost reach out and remind just how close to humans these gorillas really are. It won’t be lighting its paw on fire ever again I do believe. Ah the miracles of the wild!

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