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  1. On one side, Lincoln never freed a slave, but he did ensure that a bunch of native Americans for enslaved. And he is the only president we’ve had to order a mass execution, namely a bunch of native Americans in northern Minnesota. On the other hand…stop the damn whining about statues! This is nothing but an effort to make sure kids don’t learn history…and thus keep them ignorant sheeple.

    1. Better take your own advice and learn history. “Native Americans” were transients from Asia and complete savages that were constantly at war amongst themselves. Any “Native American” alive today is in a much better place than any of their ancestors. Well forget talking about the absurdly high rates of domestic violence towards women, alcoholism and drug abuse, and suicide rates that exist amongst “narives” cause that what fit your BS liberal agenda right?

    2. first, this is a fake story.
      second, statues do not teach people anything. Taking them down will not deprive people of any kind of education.

  2. First of all, Lincoln didn’t own slaves. But beside that, I just don’t care about identity politics any more. I don’t care about any race, any gender, any sexual orientation. I don’t want to make a difference. I don’t give a shit if I leave the world better or worse. Just don’t care. Wow! That feels freeing!

  3. Yeah, why not just knock the pyramids down, they were associated (incorrectly) with slavery too. Who needs history? Just level it all. Social justice warriors will replace it with… mosques?!

  4. You guys mark my words, I’m betting a protest on Aunt Jemimah and Uncle Ben. They were slaves based food icons. Thats racist! How can I sit here and eat these delicious pancakes knowing Aunt Jemimah ….

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