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  1. Proof positive that n!ggers have only 3 ways out of the ghetto.
    Deal drugs
    Become a sports star
    Win the n!gger lottery. ie, sue the shit outa someone undeservingly.

    1. Wouldn’t it be nice if there other ways out of the ghetto, like decent schools, role models, safe neighborhoods, non-deadend jobs, even a little bit of hope that there are other options? Thanks for explaining what white privilege means, though.

      Also, please give an example of a black person suing “the shit outa someone undeservingly.” Should be pretty easy as it’s so prevalent. right?

    2. Clearly you have never lived in the ghetto Anon. The problem is cultural. It’s not “cool” to do well in school and get a legit job. If you speak proper english and report criminals to the police you’re an “uncle tom and a snitch.” None of this has anything to do with “white privilege.”

  2. Its n!gger brain cannot interpret 2D photos as 3D objects. Anyone who’s ever read up on primates knows that. Don’t blame the monkey.

    1. …and you’re just another ignorant racist, scumbag. Cue manual labor for the rest of your life in whatever backwater shithole you live in. Lol.

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