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  1. “I can’t breath”
    Something tells me my tax dollars are going to be feeding and housing this idiot in the next year or two 🙁

    1. Who says they don’t want to go anywhere else? I hope you don’t think ‘Murica is the only CUNTry that has an immigration problem. It’s just that spicks can’t swim further than a few hundred feet.

    2. They DO want to go to other countries too, but no-one from the western world wants to move to America, for obvious reasons.

    3. Uh huh, sure you’re from England, sure you are. Clearly you’ve, either, never been to Spain, Italy, Greece or any Mediterranean country in Europe, and somehow know nothing about the weather there, to make such a retarded comment…or you are a typical ignorant American pretending to be from England, and looking like a fuckwit in the process. Hmmm, I wonder what the answer could be?

    4. And you European assholes think we Americans care 2 shits what you think why? You have NOTHING that we actually need. But without American money, y’all after broke. Without the American military, Vlady Putin would turn Europe into a Russian state. Instead of hating on the US, just say thank you.

    5. You don’t realize we’d rather have Putin here than you degenerates. At least Putin solves problems, not create them. The mess in the middle east, that’s all your fault. Also, Hitler wouldn’t have risen to power if it weren’t for US loans so Germany could rebuild her military. Same with Imperial Japan. You always create problems, let Russia solve them then in the very last second “save the day” and claim the victory as yours. Americans are fake, lying and cheap bitches, that’s how the world thinks of you. Get used to it or STFU.

    6. I don’t know where you’re getting your information from, but Hitler never received a loan from the US. The US was in a Great Depression during the time Hitlerbrose to power. He did, however, meet with the Pope and suddenly had financial backing.

  2. “awwwww, what the fuck?”
    That’s the sound of being raised in the hood, combined with no knowledge of firearms and poor gun handling. Fucker didn’t have the common sense to keep his cock beater off the trigger.
    Stupid n!gger.

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