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  1. Oooh it’s a confusing post for all the resident misogynists/racists, here. Who do you heap your ignorant drivel on, the woman, or the black guy? Why not both?

    1. A stupid whore lesser sex punched a monkey and the monkey rightfully punched back. What confusion are you talking about? It’s simple. The only confused idiot is you, captain snowflake, just like all of your bacterial ilk. Liberalism: find a cure! Donate now.

    2. Ah, perfect. Look at all the deplorables out parading their ignorance in force, as predicted. It’s like a rowboat full of retarded monkeys, who just can’t help themselves. Lol.

  2. See ,I’m all about what the security guard did but had that been a white cop on a n!gger femailien!?! black bowel movement,NAACP ,corpse of Luther King,Obama , Jesse Jackson and possibly Rosa Parks decaying ass would have all been there post haste protesting cops violence on blacks.
    So you faggot anon take a lesson and see clearly. True republican and conservatist support law enforcement and condone this, we just realize that we are discriminated even more so and this video is proof.

    1. Oooooh they’re discriminated against. Poor snowflakes. Cry me a fucking river you pussy ass conservative. Trump would slap your bitch face with his tremendous hands.

    2. Ha ha haaaaa…you, a white male are discriminated against. You poor little man. Can you actually hear your retarded self say that out loud? Lol.

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