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  1. Oh god… I just read about this miserable old cunt yesterday. Her dog dies, so she gets horrible tattoos to remember him. In 10 years shes never had a bf for more than a month and she blames the tattoos for her failure in relationships. Look, men are simple… if a girl cant keep one in her life for over a month tattoos are the least of her issues

  2. What a stupid bitch. It’s not the tattoos themselves that men find to be the most repulsive thing about her, it’s the fact that she could actually make such a fucktarded decision to get them in the first place, that is scarier. What exactly did the idiot expect?

  3. Listen honey, it’s simple. Any tattoo, and I do mean any tattoo at all, even if it’s a flower on your ankle, is nothing short of code for whore to any man. Once you understand that you’ll either stop getting them and have a shot at a real relationship with a normal man or you will simply fall into your correct place in life as the whore you actually therefore are. There is no door No. 3. Simple as that, albeit unpleasant to hear or read. Facts hurt sometimes. Fuck your feelings.

    1. Any tattoo means “whore”? Are you actually retarded, or did you teleport here from the 1950s? Although, to be fair, I think there was less misogyny in the 1950s, than there is in your ignorant comment, Grandad.

    2. “Facts hurt sometimes”, there’s a difference between facts and opinions, yours is simply an opinion, just saying.

    3. You’re hilarious, underpants. Pretending you actually date women…priceless. As you are a full-blown, serially rejected woman hater, NO woman with a pulse would date your repugnant ass, with or without tattoos, would they, dickhead? Lol, who do you think you are kidding?

    4. There’s a saying that you hate those things the most which you cannot have. Rings true for many retards here.

  4. I would say it is her fat face that is driving men away, the stupid tattoos just made an unattractive package that much worse.

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