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    1. ummm yes they do. they contain glycerine, in most cases based on animal fat. at least google “tattoo ink animal fat” before you come across as a total idiot, idiot.

  1. Guy should be more concerned about human life as hes obviously swallowed more than his fair share of sperm. And the skank just wanted a tat to try and hide her c section scar. She should have done the world a favor and followed in the guys footsteps and just swallowed.

  2. Now their idiocy is on display for the world to see. I don’t like seeing animals mistreated, but I also don’t get Santa Claus tattooed on my chest because I like him bringing toys lol.

  3. Is it mandatory for vegan to feel lifetime guilt once you quit eating meat? i think that´s idiotic! like when someone convert to a new religion. shame on you guilt-starved idiotic brainless lemmings.

  4. You know, if you go to your nearest zoo and climb in with one of the big cats, they will make your neck official with a little human suffering and death. They are still meat eaters. Just a suggestion.

  5. So eating as a vegan is not to kill animals…. ??? but its oks to cut, break, chew, snap, cook, burn, spray chemicals on, with plants that are in fact alive…. Hmmm at least the animals (eaten by people anyways) are put to death before all what happens to plants. A plant may not have a voice or nerve system to feel being killed but a plant knows when its been threw all of the above. Why do u think plants heal themselves, they know they been damaged.

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